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How can I record Windows Media stream by WVX file?
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Sunday, 03 December 2006

WVX( .WVX ) - File Extension Information

A .wvx file is a Windows Media Video Redirector file. Basically, in use, it redirects your video playing software to a Windows Media Video (WMV) file. It's one of several extensions used with files that redirect to Microsoft Windows Media files.

The wvx layout is exactly the same as for the .wax meta-file, except that the media file names being referenced in the tags have the extension .wmv.
Windows Media metafiles are based on the XML syntax. They can also use the ANSI or the UNICODE (UTF-8) formats. They are made up of various elements and their associated tags and attributes. Each element in a Windows Media metafile defines a particular setting or an action in Windows Media Player. To work, some elements must be located in a specific position in the file relative to other elements. Some elements have mandatory tags and attributes that must be defined in the Windows Media metafile.

WVX Player - Windows Media Player

Versions of Windows Media Player that support this file type:
Windows Media Player 7
Windows Media Player for Windows XP
Windows Media Player 9 Series
Windows Media Player 10
Windows Media Player 11

WVX Audio Recorder - ASX to MP3 Converter

WVX Audio Recorder - Mini-stream Ripper

WVX Video Downloader/Recorder - WM Downloader


How to download/save/capture/record/rip Wvx audio stream

You can select one of the aboving products to record wvx audio stream. Here we give an example of Mini-stream Ripper.

  1. Open Mini-stream ripper.
  2. If you have downloaded the wvx file which you want to record, drag the file on Mini-stream Ripper(MSR)'s UI. MSR will load the stream automatically. Also you can click on the Load button on the left of MSR's screen to open the file Loading screen. Then click 'ok' to load the wvx file.
  3. If you prefer to manually enter the wvx file's address directly into MSR, click on the Load button on the left of MSR's screen to open the URL Loading screen. In the "Open Location" box that opens, type in: "". Then click 'ok', MSR will load the stream for you. Image
  4. If you want to record the stream which Windows Media Player is playing, single right-click the "Now Playing List" file on the Windows Media Player interface. Choose "Properties", Copy "" in the Properties Box. Paste the address "" in the MSR's loading url box. Then click 'ok', MSR will load the stream for you.
  1. If the stream has been sucessfully loaded, you'll get the message "Please press 'Start' to start ripping". If not, you'll get an error message.
  1. Click on the Start button on the right of Mini-stream Ripper's screen to start ripping.

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